We source quality logs to provide quality lumber.

From Logs to Lumber

At Willy’s Mill we skillfully transform rough timber into finely crafted building materials using sustainable and ecologically responsible practices.

We employ local craftspeople to provide meaningful work in economically depressed regions while respecting the environment through responsible harvesting and reforestation. As our market expands, we will replicate our manufacturing facilities into other regions to help keep our carbon footprint small and our products affordable. The net result is a triple bottomline organization working to increase community vitality, economic prosperity, and environmental quality.

Our Products

No job is too small, or too big.

With the only mill in the state capable of cutting up to 30' boards, we are confident in saying we are the only one-stop shop for lumber in New York. Each piece of finished lumber is milled by master craftsmen to commercial specifications and kiln dried to help keep your project straight and true. We pride ourselves on local sourcing, harvesting, producing and distributing our products. We provide local shipping within 500 miles from our facility.


Yellow Pine

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Dimensional lumber and plywood products manufactured from southern yellow pine are used extensively in home construction in the United States.

Red Pine

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Red pine wood is moderately hard and straight grained. It is grown primarily for the production of wood used for poles, lumber, cabin logs, railway ties, post, pulpwood, and fuel.

White Pine

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Eastern White Pine is one of the most common and widely used timbers for construction lumber in the northeast United States.The long, straight trunks of Eastern White Pine were once prized for use as ship masts.


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Larch wood is valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Top quality knot-free Western Larch is grouped (and sold) with Douglas Fir because of its similarity in color, workability and strength.


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Hemlock is most commonly used for boxes, pallets, crates, plywood, framing, and other construction purposes. Eastern Hemlock is also the state tree of Pennsylvania.


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Poplar is a utility wood in nearly every sense. It's used for pallets, crates, upholstered furniture frames, paper (pulpwood), and plywood. Poplar is one of the most common utility hardwoods in the United States.


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Spruce wood offers an even texture that makes it appealing as a building material. It's often used in furniture, trim, paneling and doors. It's also used to create paper pulp and musical instrument soundboards.

Our Culture/History

Two partners sat down one day to discuss possible ways to secure more affordable building materials for their various real estate projects while addressing the economic challenges of their community.

As they brainstormed different ideas, it occurred to them that they could create a model that could be easily replicated into other communities with similar challenges. From there, they then began building an 10,000 sf mill complete with 3 types of saws capable of transforming rough timber into finely crafted building materials. As their machines expanded the finished products expanded to cabinets, wall coverings, flooring, wood moulding, and trims.

To support their goal of a customer-centric culture they began developing an experienced team to foster strong relationships with builders, farmers, and homeowners - who demand high quality products, competitive pricing, timely deliveries, and competent support staff. As a local business, Willy's Mill is committed to excelling in these areas while being friendly and respectful to customers of all sizes.

Hubbardsville, NY

1800s Lumber Mill

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Lumber mill located on Green Street in Hubbardsville, NY.

Reynolds Brothers Mill

February 1922

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Logging in business in the Adirondacks in the late 19th/20 Century run by a local family.

Image: www.reynoldstonnewyork.org

1892-1937 Lumberjacks

August 1907

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Men stand on piles of cut trees in rural New York.

Image: U.S. Gov't Agriculture Forest Service/National Geographic Creative/Corbis

Logging in Franklin County, NY

Winter Working

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Hauling lumber in horse drawn sleds in the middle of winter in upstate NY.

Image By Marion Delisle: www.reynoldstonnewyork.org

Reynolds Brothers Mill


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Taking a break during a long harvest.

Image: www.reynoldstonnewyork.org

Albany Lumber District

History of Albany, NY 1865

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The Albany Lumber District was home to the largest lumber market in the nation in 1865.

Image: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Albany,_New_York

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